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Children and animals were "a huge part of the show" this year, with Victoria falling pregnant again.

scriptwriter Daisy Goodwin "Filming with children and animals is no joke," said Jenna. We've had parents hid behind pillars with a bag of Doritos in between scenes.

Fortinbras also appears in the 1964 BBC television Hamlet, starring Christopher Plummer, and here he was played by Donald Sutherland, in what was his first important role.

Fortinbras is the protagonist of the 1992 play Fortinbras by Lee Blessing.

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This may be an allusion to the political situation of the day: at the time the play was written, Denmark and Norway were united under a single crown; also, England itself was to be ruled by King James I of England and VI of Scotland, who claimed the throne by virtue of his blood relation to Elizabeth I (the play was written before Elizabeth I's death).

Fortinbras also serves as a parallel to Hamlet in many ways: like the latter, he is motivated largely by the death of his father, whose name he also bears (as Hamlet does his), and both serve as princes of their respective countries.

Email addresses are impossible to verify (anyone can sign up for a free email address.) Most celebrities prefer and will reply only to traditional mail.At the very end—after all the major characters except Horatio are dead—Fortinbras and his army enter, accompanied by ambassadors from England who have come to announce that Claudius' supposed orders to execute Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have been carried out.With the throne of Denmark now vacant, Fortinbras is to be crowned ruler.Speaking at a London press conference, writer and producer Daisy Goodwin heaped compliments on the real-life couple, saying: "They're really good.I think of Victoria and Albert in the roles as sort of [Elizabeth] Taylor and [Richard] Burton.