Who is pauly delvecchio dating

Meanwhile, O'Day was fired from girl group Danity Kane in 2008.She then reunited with them in 2013 only to split from the band again a year later.is more “visually popular” than her, adding the relationship helps her score dinner reservations.“Everybody knows Pauly from Jersey Shore, so we walk in and the girls will be hating on me and I’ll be like, ‘I'm Aubrey O’Day’ and they’ll be like, ‘Yeah can you go to the back of the line,” she recalled to E! Between the two, it seems the fist-bumping reality star carries more celebrity cred.“Then I’m like ‘I’m not as big as a celebrity, this is bulls--t! The pair, who star in the upcoming reality show “Famously Single,” started dating in February.The two recently rekindled their romance after breaking up for 10 days in early May and frequently boast about their love on social media.

A new reality TV couple has emerged and it's pretty nostalgic. News saying, "We connect in a really interesting way," before gushing, "Pauly's wit.

After nearly blowing up the propane tank on the barbecue grill, Pauly saves the day Mike and Pauly seal their brotherhood when Pauly attempts to take the "grenade" for Mike. Pauly does his best to entertain the annoying and restless guest, but fails and throws in the towel, retiring to his bedroom.

Unfortunately for Mike, the grenade completely bombed him-interrupting his hot and heavy session with his date.

The oldest of the crew, Pauly D mixes business with pleasure, never failing to show up for work at the T-shirt shop, but always active on the party scene, whether it be mixing tracks in the DJ booth or playing wing-man to Mike while in the hot tub with the ladies.

His hook-ups included rejecting Snooki's drunk advances, but spending time in his bed with J-WOWW, making it slightly uncomfortable when her long-time boyfriend Tom comes to visit.

Who is pauly delvecchio dating