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Satisfied with the Marines’ advice, Wilson backtracks and then soars toward the log again.This time he takes the hit right in the gut, swings his leg up, and flips his body so it’s lying flat on the log, just like his instructor demonstrated moments before.

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As Wilson explains how he overcame comments regarding his height— “I just had to ignore it”—I think back to conversations I’ve had with pro athletes, the vast majority of which have been a string of clichés (“Leave it all on the field; take it one play at a time”) punctuated by surly silences.The first thing that strikes you about Wilson is his level of engagement with what’s going on around him. A two-sport athlete who spurned Major League Baseball to play college football, he juggled two Division I sports with a massive course load and excelled at all three.“I was offered a million dollars [by the Baltimore Orioles out of high school],” he says matter of factly. Wilson now has 28 wins under his belt, an unprecedented number of victories for a second-year quarterback.Read on to learn more about a player you'll be seeing plenty more of in seasons to come.