Danielle fishel and lance bass dating

The better half of "Cory and Topanga" only cared about "Brenda and Dylan." Though their daughter was the star of one hit teen show, Fishel's parents decided she wasn't mature enough to watch another: gossip at the lunch table. Did they think I was some kind of child or something? Fishel was the first to witness Ben Affleck's superhero skills.Affleck gave his first Batman audition for Fishel — in a way."Do you think there's any possibility that Lance is gay? A few years later Bass came out to Fishel and has remained her GBF ever since.star Danielle Fishel revealed in a new video blog post for Pop Sugar that she went to her high school prom with ' N Sync singer Lance Bass — and she had to ask him!"When I was a senior in high school I asked my boyfriend at the time if he would go to prom with me, because my boyfriend at the time was Lance Bass," Fishel, 31, revealed."So I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom." PHOTOS: Boy Meets World cast -- then and now The actress, who is now engaged to Tim Belusko, dated the boy bander, now 33, from 1999 to 2000.The two met while taping a TGIF live special in 1998.Bass asked for Fishel's number but then shied away from making the first move, so his bandmate Justin Timberlake telephoned Fishel and pretended to be Bass until he finally worked up the nerve to jump on the phone himself.

Bass also revealed that he's working on writing one of E!

" Bass said, bringing back memories of every time I cried at a high school dance.

"We only stayed for 20 minutes." Because she was busy with this little project Boy Meets World, Fishel didn't exactly have the typical senior year experience—so when she showed up at her Cali high school on prom night, girls were "jealous and catty," says Bass, who dated Fishel for a year and a half after they met at an ABC party.

Good news—your prom wasn't the only one that sucked!

When former 'N Sync dreamboat Lance Bass dropped by Cosmopolitan HQ for a quick chat with Cosmo Radio, we couldn't resist grilling him on the internet-breaking photo he tweeted this week of prom with ex-girlfriend Danielle Fishel."It was terrible!

Danielle fishel and lance bass dating