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War erupted again as the Filipinos fought the Americans in a conflict called the Philippine Insurrection or the Philippine-American War.That officially ended in 1902 after Aguinaldo was captured, though pockets of resistance remained for a decade afterwards.

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That's right, one of the country's biggest exports is its people, who make up a major proportion of overseas workers from all over the world.In the meantime Japan set up a puppet government under Jose Laurel, to which most Filipinos, appalled by the abuses of the Japanese forces, responded with guerrilla resistance that effectively controlled 60% of the islands, stalling assimilation into the Japanese Empire long enough to make Mac Arthur's return easier — but not that much, as Japan used the islands as their final line of defense to Japan, leading to the largest naval battle in the world over Leyte Gulf, which saw a decisive American victory, and brutal urban warfare in Manila which saw thousands of deaths.After war's end, the United States finally fulfilled its promise on July 4, 1946 (a year late to the original plan).They paid tribute to larger centres of civilisation in the region, such as Imperial China or the Majapahit Empire in modern-day Indonesia.Some pre-Philippine kingdoms earned quite a reputation for quality items and fairness in trade that the Chinese, for instance, made them preferential trading partners over the likes of Japan.