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The omnibus is also about to go in for a second printing!

- I'm happy to announce that Kori Handwerker and I are working on a doujinshi for the anime series Yuri On Ice, which captivated us with its lovable cast, meticulous research, and relatable depictions of anxiety, creative block, and struggles to communicate.

I'll have copies of all the TJ and Amal books for sale, plus some Yuri On Ice zines and Smut Peddlers.

- The TJ and Amal omnibus edition has entered its second printing! The German translation of TJ and Amal is split into four volumes, so this is the cover of the Volume 4 book. On Ice fanzine Kori and I did is now available as a PDF! - And speaking of PDFs: coming soon from Iron Circus will be the PDF re-release of the TJ and Amal adult side comic Whisper Grass!

I hadn't planned to do a digital release, but last year someone quite rudely began distributing scans through an ad-laden site, so I figured if someone's going to make cash off my work it's gonna be me, and on top of that I'll make mine better.

The rerelease edition has improved art and three never-before-seen ink pinup illustrations! - My convention schedule for 2017 is scaled way back; the only events I'll be exhibiting at for the foreseeable future are Anime Fest (August 17-20, Dallas, TX) and possibly Staple (Sept. - Thanks to everyone who came to say hello at Ohayocon!

As our culture catches up to Asian countries usage of mobile, we’ll start recording and distributing more live video from cell phones. Leave a comment Help this list to grow, so leave a comment below.

Come see me in the artist alley with my friend Jamie Kinosian!I apologize for my absence on Sunday; came down with a bad cold or flu and spent the last day and a half of the convention in bed.- The TJ and Amal epilogue is on its way to a second printing, and should hopefully be available via the Iron Circus store soon.Um den kompletten FSK18 Bereich und weitere Funktionen auf nutzen zu können, müssen Sie sich als FSK18 Benutzer anmelden und verifizieren.Sie haben dadurch die Möglichkeit in Erotik Blu-ray Filmen zu stöbern oder z. Blu-rays und PS3-Spiele mit einer Alterseinstufung ab 18 Jahren mit anderen Benutzern zu tauschen.