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We caught up with the frontman to discuss the future of his band, their first album in five years, touring plans and more. There have been some months off because we had to do shows, some things here and there. I have to say, 'No, wrong, and I'm going to do this anyway.' And they say, 'Fine, you can do that but we're not going to put any money into it,' and I say, 'Okay, fine.' It's that kind of shit. When that last record was done, and I really love that record but it was record that was put out and didn't have any promo because it's a rock record.If I had to add it all up, it's been eight months over the course of the last year. One, there's the freedom of no record company, nobody telling you what they think you should do because we've had those experiences and they're usually not great experiences. We said, 'Can you just let us fucking go at this point?

I went through everything I went through, I got out of the hospital and the first thing I wanted to do was make music. We're going to be out all summer, all year and all of the next year, probably. There's a photo of you in the studio with 5 Seconds of Summer from last year. They reminded me of what we were like when we were young. Not only did they play their classics, but also teamed up with DMC to put on a stellar can't-miss performance One the most anticipated movies of 2018 is Ava Du Vernay's 'A Wrinkle in Time.' In a stunning new 'TIME' cover the stars of the new movie, Mindy Kaling, Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Storm Reid grace the magazine cover. It's just too beautiful." Duvernay tweeted in response.

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I kind of stay in my own world of what I know and like.

I don't really want to be influenced by anything else.