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Later that year, he continued his studies in the United Kingdom and then in the United States.

Millar, who did an in-depth study on the early career of Verwoerd, concluded that there is no evidence that Verwoerd had been infected by the racial ideology of the National Socialists in Germany.

He began to slowly transform the Black reservations into autonomous states (Bantustans), which would eventually federate with South Africa.

Young Hendrik proved himself to be an able student at the Lutheran School in Wynberg and the Wynberg High School for Boys.On 5 October 1960 a referendum was held in which White voters were asked "Do you support a republic for the Union? The government under Strijdom' had brought in a rule requiring government to seek a 2/3 approval of the electorate before carrying out a constitutional change, but this rule was ignored: Verwoerd barely managed to cross the 50% threshold.He persuaded many South Africans that given Harold Macmillan's Winds of Change speech and international condemnation following the Sharpeville massacre, South Africa would have to go it alone by becoming a republic.Jews were also sharply criticised as a result of the important professional positions they held, which were seen as a threat to Afrikaners.During World War II the Johannesburg of taking a pro-Nazi stand.