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“The nurses aren’t getting paid enough, and I’m a nurse and Mindy’s a doctor so we are on opposite sides of this battle.”Crossing the picket line could create difficulties for Ben with Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), who is loyal to his nursing brethren.

“[Morgan] is very familiar with scabs because his body’s covered in them, but he finds that a scab is the lowest form of life,” Barinholtz added.

“Mindy just doesn’t understand him, and he doesn’t understand her.

I think she’s kind of a snob and pretty out of touch, and elitist. They don’t have a lot in common at all, but the one thing I like about Ben is that he calls her out on all her craziness.

found Mindy deciding to marry her nurse boyfriend, Ben), and the wild, wonderful ride of ?!“She just doesn’t know how to take care of her baby, which is pretty funny since she’s a doctor, so she has to keep coming back to the pediatrician’s office for every little thing.”Ben works for a pediatrician played by “Saturday Night Live” alum Nasim Pedrad, who “thinks of me as like a slave.I command very little respect from the doctors.” See evidence of this condescending attitude in a sneak peek of the episode below:“She clearly has no idea how to take care of her child and I notice that, and so I begrudgingly help her in the midst of a nurses’ strike that’s happening,” Greenberg said.He really grounds her, in a sense, because I feel like she could just fly away with all her neuroses.”Ben will be sticking around a while, at least long enough for Mindy to visit his hometown. “We expand my world as the episodes go on, and you get to meet my family and my friends,” he added. “It’s a selective listening that I’ve had to learn to do, because you can’t just react to everything you’re hearing because everything you’re hearing is so crazy that if you were to have an honest reaction to it, the show would be a three-hour show.

Mindy kaling dating ben