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Sells new for 9; get this one in perfect condition in the box with power supply and manual for 9. If youre into Lo-Fi delay, this is probably the best one out there (click here for a lo-fi demo).This latest model eclipses the tone of features of the original Echo Dream. Although it may not be cool to say it (just like saying solid state is a better amp for some styles of music), digital delay with pristine repeats, can be much better than analog.Unlike the Helicon units the VE-8 also has a built in 80-second looper which you can easily punch in/out, layer, recall, etc.and have the ability to loop guitar and vocal parts independently.It also features tap tempo via onboard footswitch or external switch. Excellent guitar for the Keith Richards fan, outfitted with a 1972 Gibson embossed humbucker.Pickup is most likely a T-top as evidenced by the embossed chrome cover, Patent sticker on the bottom and the braided wire.

Control knobs include Echo Delay Time, Echo Feedback, Master Volume, Fuzz Level, Delay Volume, Modulator Speed, and Modulator Depth. Analog or Tape Delay features a warmth and/or warble that is decidedly vintage and very cool. It features a side-mounted Digital/Tape switch to go between the crystaline perfection to warm and compressed beauty.

Figuring some of these might be knocked off, there are various was to authenticate them including a holograph sticker in the cavity (raw wood area is correct).

The Art Series had a retail price of 99, selling in stores at discount for around 00.

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Guitar/Vocal Processor, (pic2), (back), (stock pic).

Killer multi-effect for singer/songwriter types or anyone who wants a single device to amplify their acoustic guitar, add vocal harmonies, and sweeten the mix in numerous ways.