Surgut russia dating women zack efron is dating

Fortunately for you you're already suspicious, so you're unlikely to get scammed.

See my page at Avoiding Russian Women Scams for ways to avoid scams.

I think, that we should write each other more what to learn each other better. As I to you already I was born and have grown in city Barsovo. After before me there was a question of a choice of a trade.

I always wished to make the world better, to help people. After the termination of institute I have returned to the native city.

Having consulted to mum, I have made a decision to act in Surgut, gosudarstvennyi tekhnologicheskii. I have tried to find work in Barsovo what to be closer to my mum, but could not find not that suitable.

After that I have made a decision to come back back in Surgut as this city is much more, and at me was more chances to find there work. Having arrived in Surgut was under construction to live in a hostel, after I descended on labour exchange and have left there the resume. I long could not find not that suitable, and I had to work as the waitress in cafe.

Then I had to search again for work, and I have found it in a social service where I work, to this day. I consider, that I have very successfully chosen a trade, it allows me to be realized. I shall wait for your following letter and I hope, that you as to me will tell more about the biography. ****sorry for the length and I wish I could upload one of her pics just to see if she is recognized as a usual suspect******Bob's Comment: Hi Scott As you probably realize I have a lot of experience with this stuff (I'm the owner/author of the site).

It seems to me that self-realization is very important thing as it allows to feel a life on the present. Three things in this story smell fishy to me: 1) You met her on

Things may have changed, but some time back Match refused to take profiles from Russia/Ukraine.2) How many messages have gone each way before these you pasted here?

You can start at the section entitled "Follow the Money". the MINUTE you start hearing about her friend in the travel agency who can get her a visa to visit you the U. Or, if she starts saying the online translation tools aren't adequately translating messages but that she knows this special service, then it's a scam. Wallace, I am very glad that we have got acquainted with you and we learn each other every day more increasing.

Keep in touch with her, and don't try to make her prove she is "real". if she is a scammer, she will comply with the test and PASS, but if she's real she will not submit to the tests and discontinue contact. But if none of that comes up and things progress without more red flags, follow the advice on that link above and plan a trip to see her, IN HER CITY. More from Bob: No more comments to this post informing us that the same (or different) girl is scamming someone else with the same story. I think that you very interesting the man and I am very glad that you have appeared in my life.