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This difference of the refractive indexes between both surfaces may cause the Purkinje III image to be displayed brighter on reflection from the anterior surface of the accommodative Intraocular Lens.The increment of the accommodative range produced by the movement of the anterior lens of the dual-optic accommodative causes that the distance between the retina and the image space nodal point is increased compared to the single-optic accommodative IOL.Furthermore, there are other single-optic accommodating IOLs as Acuity C-Well (Or Yehuda, Israel), Tekia Tek Clear (Irvine, CA, USA), and Bausch & Lomb OPAL (Rochester, NY), but their performance has not been intensively studied.With the aim of obtaining a greater movement of the lens in order to focus near objects, spring-driven single-optic IOLs, magnet-driven active-shift systems and dual-optic accommodating IOL have been introduced.The outcomes show comfortable near vision, higher patients’ satisfaction rates, and minimal postoperative complications like Posterior Capsular Opacification and Anterior Capsular Opacification, due to their design and material.

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Petersburg, FL, USA), and Crystalens (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY, USA).

Cataracts often are not produced bilaterally, so implanting monocularly the dual-optic accommodating IOL may cause symptoms like diplopia, dynamic anisometropia or dynamic aniseikonia if the accommodative response is particularly strong.

Glasser suggests that even if the dual-optic accommodating IOL is implanted bilaterally, the accommodative response may be different due to the differences in the surgery itself or postoperative recovery responses. found that when a single-optic accommodative IOL is implanted in one eye and a dual-optic accommodative IOL in the other, the maximum range of magnification disparity was in the order of 2.5%.

The shift of the single-optic accommodating IOL and dual-optic accommodating IOL occurs within the capsular bag.

However, Preussner proposed a new concept based on the IOL-capsular bag shift to produce accommodation through a magnetic field.